Can I get a custom size canvas?

Since every one of our canvases begins with a hand-crafted wooden frame, you can choose from any size canvas that works best with your photo.


From small to very large, we offer sizes ranging from 6″ to 96″ and everything in between. Our most popular sizes show up on the order page, but you can create your own custom sizes so that your artwork will be the perfect size for your wall.


We always suggest getting out a measuring tape to help choose the right size for your canvas on your particular wall. You can even try a masking tape outline on your wall to get a good idea of how the size of the canvas will look once it’s in place. We usually think bigger is better, but we’re a little biased 😉.


Not sure what the best dimensions are for your image? No worries; when you select the first dimension from the custom size dropdown, the system will automatically select the second dimension that is the best fit for your picture.