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We do not skimp on our materials to create cheap canvas prints; instead, we offer the highest quality canvas for cheap.

  • High quality canvas artwork
  • Authentic and caring customer service
  • Free image touchups
  • Quick turnaround times

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Everyday Canvas Girl's Musings about Cheap Canvas Prints

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Hi ?‍♀️,

I’m Amanda, at CanvasHQ.

If you’re looking for cheap canvas prints, you’ve come to the right place, not because anything we do is cheap, but because we make hand-crafted affordable canvas printing that will last a lifetime.

Curious about how your photo actually makes it to a beautiful canvas artwork? Here’s a step-by-step of how we put your photos on canvas. Our not-so-secret ingredient to the best quality canvas photo printing is love and care. We want you to be happy with each and every canvas print that we make. That’s why we stand behind everyone with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.



  • Image touchups by our Photoshop experts are always free
  • We commonly remove blemishes, red eye, image noise, and more
  • Use proof notes to talk back and forth with our designers to get your image just how you want it
  • Free proofs by email – so you can see a preview before we turn your photo into a canvas print



  • We use state-of-the-art printers to reproduce your photos on canvas
  • The printers we use are designed for fine art reproduction – what artists use to reprint their original paintings
  • Our inks are designed to be used outdoors; meaning that they can last a lifetime indoors without fading
  • Because our inks are meant for outdoor use, they don’t smudge when wet – you can use a damp cloth to clean your canvas artwork
  • We use six colors of ink to best recreate the original colors from your photo
  • If we find any issue with the print or any imperfection with the canvas at this point, we throw it out and start again



  • The frame for your canvas print is an important part of making sure that your photo will live a long, long life on your wall
  • We start out by using super premium pine that is kiln-dried to help prevent warping in the future
  • Each stretcher bar is hand-selected  and checked for imperfections including bows, cracks, bad joints, and knots
  • We cut the stretcher bars using precision saws and then assemble it using jigs to make sure every frame is straight and true
  • The frame is constructed with brads and staples, not glue, to ensure the lasting strength of the frame
  • For most of our canvas prints, we use wooden corner bracing and cross-braces to add structural rigidity to the frame and help prevent the frame from ever coming out-of-square
  • Every frame is sanded and finished by hand
  • The frames are looked over once again to make sure there are no imperfections that would detract from your canvas print



  • Canvas stretching is the art of marrying your canvas print with your frame – it’s the hardest and most important part of making sure that you get the highest quality photo on canvas
  • We start by aligning the canvas to the frame using guides printed on the canvas, then we set the first edge of the canvas by hand using a staple gun
  • All throughout the process, we protect the face of your canvas using soft-surface tabletops
  • We pull the canvas taut and repeat the stapling process on the three remaining sides
  • This ensures that we get a nice firm and even stretch resulting in the ‘drum’ sound when you tap on the face of your canvas print
  • We expertly fold the corners so that the edges are nice and square



  • As always, we’re sticklers about giving you a high-quality photo canvas product
  • If at any point in the process we see something that will result in a defect in your canvas print, we don’t hesitate to start your canvas all over again
  • At this point in the process, we add the hanging hardware to the back of your canvas; smaller canvases receive a sawtooth hanger and larger canvases receive a hanging wire across the back
  • We even include a handy hanging hook with your canvas so that you can mount it to your wall without needing any tools



  • Once we make a high-quality canvas print, of course, that’s not where the process ends
  • We protect your canvas in a plastic sleeve to prevent scratching during shipping
  • We use a packaging technique and boxes that were specifically approved by FedEx – that means that 99.5% of our canvas prints make it to you without shipping damage
  • In those rare cases where your photo canvas is damaged during shipment – no worries – we’ll replace it quickly and without additional charge
  • After the package is sealed up and the shipping labels are affixed, we send you a shipping confirmation so that you can track your canvas throughout the shipping process



  • Once the friendly FedEx delivery person has dropped off your canvas print, you’re just minutes away from being able to display it in your home or office
  • The last and most fun step in the process is for you to choose the final home on your wall for your canvas print
  • Once the perfect spot is chosen, you can simply push our included hanging hook into your wall, no tools needed
  • Your canvas print is ready to hang, level, and enjoy

Well, if you’ve made it this far, I hope that I convinced you that we don’t make cheap canvas prints; we make hand-crafted high-quality, affordable canvas prints. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our craft, and we hope that it’s evident in each and every one of the canvases that we make.

If we’re fortunate enough to earn your business, we’ll work just as hard on your canvases to make sure that you’ll be happy with them.

As always, we’re here to serve you,

Amanda Wilson Signature

Amanda Wilson, Team Leader

What Our Clients Say About Our (?) Cheap Canvas Prints

Kristin K. | Helena, MT

Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe the quality of the canvas I ordered! First, the packaging was so generous it came wrapped in not one, not two, but three layers of cardboard, and then plastic on top of that! A++++ for packing! Secondly, the quality of the canvas was exceptional. I've ordered canvases from other membership warehouse companies and they are flimsy in comparison. My black and white 24x36 canvas came stretched on a thick wooden frame that was also supported with diagonal cross wooden supports in the back. This canvas is not getting stretched or warped anytime soon! In addition, Canvas HQ provides a drywall hanger so you don't even need to get out a hammer or nail from your toolbox to mount! They thought of EVERYTHING! I'll definitely be ordering from this company again!

Donna D. | Mandeville, LA

My canvas order was very well packaged, arrived quickly, and was thoroughly well done. I appreciate CanvasHQ choosing an effect I never considered (I did request your suggestions and thank you, too). The inside back frame was smartly designed with a wooden slat through the center for stability and it prevents hanging hardware from poking through the canvas. I guess that support was because the canvas was not small but a 16``x24``. Also, the proof email was added to help. Will do this again for sure.

Jeffery R. | Irmo, SC

The canvases we ordered are beautiful! They are made with high quality material. Not only is the product fantastic, but the customer service is AMAZING!! We ordered our canvases on Monday, when CanvasHQ was closed; and received them on Friday!

Kay M. | Hudson, IA

When I found CanvasHQ I was so excited so that I could start getting high quality prints of my artwork. I am so pleased with the quality and color in the canvas prints, the frames are super sturdy, the canvas is thick and strong, and the colors are beautiful. Also, the time from when I submit my digital image until it arrives at my door is speedy! I also like that you can check online after you set up an account, to see how the progress is going with your order....and it's fast, but not compromising quality. I would highly recommend!

Stanley F. | Lawrence,KS

I am very pleased with the hight quality canvas prints and frame construction. The prints were carefully packaged and shipped quickly. Customer service is top notch. I am already planning my next order ideas. Thanks, Stan