Havana Inspiration from Dallas

This is custom heading element Havana Ooh Na Na…okay we’ll spare you our (bad) singing and get straight to The Big Fake Wedding Dallas! We had the opportunity of gathering together with an outrageously talented group of Dallas vendors to bring some Cuban wedding inspiration to Monroe Pearson. Together they infused palms, color play, brass, [...]

3 Tips for Better Portraits

3 Tips for Better Portraits   My favorite things about portraiture (that is, photography of live subjects, normally people) is that you really never run out of subjects, and it allows you to slow down and really see everyday beauty, like three of my adorable babydoll lambs below. Photo By: Kristy Floyd   It really […]

My Hexagon Obsession Meets Our New Vintage Canvas Finish

My Hexagon Obsession Meets Our New Vintage Canvas Finish   There is a beekeeper that lives deep down inside of me and recently she wanted to figure out a way to bring our the love of honeycombs into the form of hexagons in my farmhouse kitchen. I thought this would be the perfect place to [...]

Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Canvas Prints

Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Canvas Prints It might not seem like an overly complex subject to hang a canvas print on a wall. But you’d be surprised at how much of a difference small mistakes can make in the visual impact of your artwork.   Some artwork is hung too high or too low. [...]

Inspired By Your Colors….

Today is national {Say Something Nice Day} and I thought is would be the best opportunity to share with you a little back story for this week's edition of Themes for your Every Day!! You know how sometimes in life you feel like an event occurred both a really long time ago but maybe it could [...]

Finding Joy With Succulents 

This week’s theme for your every day is one that seems to be all the rage, and we LOVE it!! For me succulents have been a lovely indulgence as I continuously strive for balance between the life of being an #EveryDayCanvasGirl and an #EveryDayFarmGirl. I love tending my beautiful succulents that are nestled amongst some […]

Sweet Vision

This weeks edition of Inspired by your colors is one of my favorites by far! Recently, I found this image on by an amazing photographer Andrew Ridley. This image is taken of the famous Sugarhouse Yard in London. I was so inspired by this complete design project I downloaded this image and created a stunning flat […]

Spun Inspiration

This weeks edition of Inspired By Your Colors is a very personal one for me! For those of you that do not know that besides being your #EverydayCanvasGirl I am also a #EverydayFarmgirl and this image is from my personal fiber harvest! I live on a hobby farm and have quiet the menagerie of fiber […]

Inspired By Nature

Spring is in full swing! These peach blossoms are such a great inspiration! What a delightful wrapped canvas this would make. Go outside and take photos of nature at her freshest! Mother’s Day is coming fast and an art canvas of flowers will last forever! #CanvasHQ #EveryDayIsANewCanvas #color #photography

Fun Wedding Photos

Don’t forget to have fun getting ready for your big day! Part of an awesome wedding is having fun. Here are some great ideas you’ll want to borrow for adding some play to the day. #CanvasHQ #canvasprints #everydayisanewcanvas