Whats a Canvas Print?

The canvas print which should not confuse with painting on canvas is an image that is that is printed by an inkjet printer on canvas. Once the canvas is printed, it is stretched and placed in frames. A few people choose an unframed border, and others opt for frames for canvas prints. For a canvas that is not framed print, many opt for the gallery-wrapping process. In this method, the canvas will be wrapped over stretcher bars, and then attached on the frame.

There is often confusion between mounted prints or acrylic prints, as well as canvas prints. Mounted prints are print that is attached to a backing board. The primary goal of this type of image is the preservation of photograph and to prepare it to be framed or hanging on the wall.

An acrylic print is an image that is printed onto photographic papers. It is positioned between two sheets of acrylic which is often known as plexiglass. When you look at the three different types that prints are available, they give an impression of art. They’re like acrylic and oil paintings.

What is Canvas Made Of?

Canvas is a tough and durable fabric made from hemp. Nowadays linen and cotton have taken over hemp. The majority of canvas prints you can purchase for your home make use of either polyester or cotton. The primary difference between these two types of prints is the precision of the hue.

Colors seep into the cloth created using cotton fibers and stays on the surface of polyester strands. This is why prints made of polyester are more vivid , while cotton prints last longer.

Which is the best option? It’s dependent on the type of print you’re seeking. A lot of people think that cotton prints are superior and more similar to what you’d find in the museum. However, polyester is the most affordable choice and also produces bright and vibrant prints.

Canvas Prints Vs Framed Prints

In modern interiors, it’s not uncommon to combine canvas prints and frames. There’s a reason behind that. Framed prints complement the overall decor of a space by linking the color scheme to the frame. They can also alter the tone of the image or artwork based on the style of the frame selected.

With a plain frames with a black border, the attention remains on the image or image. However, more stylized frames, such as traditional or contemporary frames highlight the uniqueness of the photograph. When selecting frames, the furnishings and decor of the room are essential to ensure harmony.

Canvas prints offer a more flexible method of decorating walls. They can be incorporated without much effort since the frames can be adjusted to any design. The vibrant colors create focal points that make a room more lively and attractive. creating.

Below are key things to keep in mind in comparing these two versions:

Canvas Prints

Framed Prints

  • The image printed is permanently
  • Canvas has a distinct texture, which adds depth to color.
  • Photos do not have a glare or reflection
  • Light in weight
  • Prints can be found in matte or glossy look
  • It is possible to swap many pictures within frames
  • Frames complement room decor
  • Images can be reflection or glare.
  • Larger frames are heavier and may be difficult to move
  • The larger the image larger, the more expensive the frame

Metal Vs Canvas

Metallic prints as well as canvas prints give distinct results due to the substrate the photos print on. High-definition images are printed onto .45 inches thick steel panels give an elegant, sleek look. They are also clear of glass and have round corners, which makes them resistant to damage. Based on the finish you choose metal prints can are coated with a metallic appearance. This is distinct from lighter material and has more vivid colors on canvas prints.

Acrylic Vs Canvas

Prints made of acrylic as well as canvas prints vary in their material appearance, texture and. Canvas prints print directly on linen or cotton the acrylic prints are printed on photo paper. This print is then put on plexiglass or acrylic paper. Both prints are vibrant in color However, the look of a canvas print is more like what you would see in museums.

Art Print Vs Canvas

Prints of art significantly differ in texture, size as well as thickness and finish. Canvas prints are printed on linen or cotton canvas An artist print prints on paper. Our premium cardstock is able to have a matte and Pearl Shimmer finish. The result is clear and sharp image with vibrant colors. The main distinction between a non-framed art print and the canvas print is cost while the price of the canvas print is significantly less.

Printing On Paper Vs Printing On Canvas

Photography has made significant progress since the time of film development in a darkroom using photographic paper. But printing on paper remains the method of choice that many people believe in. To gain a better understanding of the difference in printing with paper and with canvas let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages.

Paper printing has advantages We’re familiar with photographic printing on paper, so we are aware of what to expect. The smooth surface displays sharper and more detailed details, which is essential when printing smaller prints.

The printing process on paper has can have disadvantages Prints printed on paper may reflect or glare that is caused by light. They’re not the best choice for reproduction of artwork as they lack the same texture as canvas. Additionally, framing a print could be expensive when considering sizes of prints.

Printing on canvas has advantages The majority of us are used to view art created on canvas. As a result, using canvas prints is the most popular option when you want to create an “painted” look. Canvas prints can be a great complement to a variety of décor styles thanks to the modern gallery-wrapped edges. For larger prints canvas is the most economical option, and also lasts longer than paper thanks to its durable plain weave.

Canvas printing has its drawbacks The canvas’s texture is perfect for painting, however it could be distracting from photographs. That’s why careful choice of your photos is crucial. It’s also recommended to use the system that warns you of poor quality images This feature is available when you customize the prints we offer. Contrary to paper prints, which are able to be swapped out of frames, canvas prints remain.

Types Of Canvas Print Layouts

Canvas options and types vary based on the layout and space that your wall is set. If you’re trying to figure out which kind of canvas is best in your space’s design read our tips below.

  • One CanvasSingle canvas prints are ideal choice for large striking pieces, or for smaller areas in your home , where multiple canvas can feel crowded.
  • Multi-panel If you’ve more space on your wall or enough space to accommodate canvas prints, you might prefer an array of panels. If you choose to use 2, 3 or even 10 canvas prints you can design a stunning design that will fit in any space. For more help, be sure you visit our site about hanging art on canvas.

Canvas Shapes and Sizes

Are you looking for the right canvas shapes and sizes that suit your space? We’re here for you. Take a look at our use cases and descriptions below. If you’re looking for more details, please go to our website for information on canvas sizes..


The square canvas prints are equally long lengths on each side of the printed. This type of print makes it ideal to make grids on the wall or to make use of multiple canvas.


Rectangular canvas prints comprise prints where two sides of the canvas are either longer in length or smaller than two sides. They are perfect for walls with an uneven amount of space horizontally or vertically or to fill in spaces in an unsymmetrical arrangement.


Hexagon print on canvas are polygons that have six sides. This unique shape of canvas is great for a striking piece that is unique to the area or as a piece that is clustered in a honeycomb-like pattern prints on canvas.

Mini Sized

Mini canvas prints and easel-back canvas prints and other prints that are small in size can be used to fill those tiny spaces around your home with memories. If you have an empty space on your shelves or at your bedside table take a look at the sizes listed below:

  • 4×4 An extremely small square canvas that is perfect to be tucked into the corners of shelves of books.
  • 4×6 is The size is similar to the proportions, but on smaller scale to 5×7. This size is ideal to put on the top of desks or bedsides tables.
  • 6×6 A small square-shaped canvas print is perfect for small spaces, such as areas in larger arrangements, or for bathrooms.
  • 5×7 A standard-sized photo print that is ideal for walls with smaller spaces such as the bathroom, bedroom and stairways.

Small to Medium Sized

Small-medium canvas prints are great for creating multi-canvas prints in larger rooms or to fill smaller walls in bathrooms or bedrooms.

  • 8×10 The size of this canvas is standard-sized printed image ideal for family photos or photos from trips hanging in smaller spaces.
  • 10×10 Comparatively to the 8×10 size, this one is slightly bigger and more square, making it the perfect size for multi-canvas layouts.
  • 10×20A 10×20 size is ideal to showcase a stunning image of the landscape or as a distinctive wall space.
  • 11×14This large-sized image is perfect for an individual piece in a guest room or as a part of a diversified arrangement on a larger wall.
  • 12×12 Similar to 10×10 size, but slightly larger, which makes it the ideal choice for walls that have larger spaces when designing an multi-canvas layout.
  • 14×16 It’s a huge size that is ideal for family photos of holiday celebrations or portraits. It is also great for wedding pictures.

Can You Frame Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are unframed or framed, depending on the decor and style you prefer for the space. Frames must be sturdy enough to accommodate the whole canvas print, however. It is also possible to purchase frames for canvas prints to ensure you don’t have to search for the perfect frame later on.

Is it difficult to hang A Canvas?

It’s not difficult to hang a canvas If you follow the instructions. There are many ways to hang prints on canvas are as follows:

  1. Nails
  2. Sawtooth Bracket
  3. Eye Hooks
  4. J-Hooks
  5. Adhesive Strips

For additional help or directions, please refer to our site for information on hanging art on canvas.

Will Canvas Fade Over Time?

The inks used by CanvasHQ are made to last. However, there are some important steps you can take to preserve your canvas prints as long as you can. In the first place, ensure that the business which you purchase the canvas print from uses UV-resistant product. Additionally, you should ensure that your canvas prints are kept away from direct sunlight. And if you’re really hoping for your artwork to last, think about placing it in a glass frame.

How Big Canvas Prints should I get?

If it’s time to make an upgrade to your wall decor canvas prints are an easy way to change the look of your walls. They provide texture and a fashionable visual style. No matter if you pick two or more huge canvas art prints, these will enhance the color scheme and furniture of any space.

For an understanding of the standard sizes for prints, refer to our Canvas sizing guide. If the room you’re designing is completed and you’re looking for a change and you’ll have to come up with an ideal size in mind. If you’re working with an empty space and you’re not sure what to do, you’ll need to map the vision you have to your wall. Our design feature gives you additional direction to help you create your plan.