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Unfortunately, I'm extremely unsatisfied with my order. And specifically the color rendition. I ordered a few canvases from CanvasHQ. The build quality has always been very good. But it looks like I cannot rely on the color accuracy. And this is especially unacceptable when you order the canvas for paid clients. The first canvas I ordered for myself. The colors were way off but on that particular image it wasn't so critical and I could live with it. But I made a mental note that I have to deal with the color difference for my future orders. Next time, when I ordered the canvas for my client, I ordered the test canvas first. Of course, the colors were way off again. I adjusted the colors on my image to compensate for the color/brightness/contrast shift on the canvas and ordered another canvas with adjusted colors. This time the canvas came out pretty close to what I saw on the screen. So I thought I found the solution to this problem. I saved the adjustments as a Photoshop action, so I could apply them for my future orders. This time I ordered the canvas for another client. I applied the same adjustments to the image and placed the order. And guess what. The canvas came out with very wrong colors again. On this image, the colors are pretty critical since it's a portrait, but it came out with yellow-greenish skin tones. I absolutely cannot deliver this canvas to my client. So I just wasted the money. I'm afraid I will not be able to use CanvasHQ for my future orders because, while the build quality is good, I cannot rely on color accuracy.

1 out of 10
September 2nd, 2021