What are the different border options?

We sincerely want you to have your artwork exactly as you would like. So, we let you choose what you would like on the border (edge) of your gallery wrap artwork.

The main choices are using an image wrap, mirror wrap, or selecting a solid color. You can see more info and pictures by clicking here.

An image wrap border is very popular and uses a portion of your image to wrap around the side of the frame. The only concern here is to make sure that an important portion of your image does not wrap around the side of the frame. You will be able to see this pretty well with the preview image of your canvas on our order page.

A mirror wrap is the most popular. If you can imagine holding your image up to a mirror that’s what is would look like. Mirror wrap gives you the illusion of a image wrap without losing any of your image in the border.

A solid border, which is sometimes referred to as museum style. Black or white is the most popular colors for a solid border. Your options don’t stop there – you can select from any custom color you would like. If you would like to select a color that is close to a specific paint color, you can use this link here. The site will give you a number like 9C4444 that you can use to match in our color picker.