Frame Depth Choices

More choices for your artwork…

The thicker the frame you choose, the more your artwork will “pop” off of the wall. In addition, generally larger pieces of art look better with thicker frames.

Frame depth choices


For a long time, this size was the de facto thickness of canvas frames. now, it is more popular if you want the option of adding a frame later.

If you are interested in adding a decorative frame to your custom canvas print, many local art framing shops can do this for you. You can also check the Picture Framing Directory.

The 3/4″ frames are our least expensive frame choice.

Also, when choosing the “image wrap” type of border color, you lose the least of your photo around the edges when you chose the 3/4″ frame depth.

frame depth


The standard for canvas art, this frame thickness is our most popular.

It gives a good “heft” to your artwork without being too bulky.

.75" frame depth choices


If your artwork is large or if it needs to make a big impact, this is the best choice.

If you have walls that are heavily textured (such as rock, wood paneling, or just heavy plaster texture), a 2″ frame is a good way to make sure your canvas print isn’t visually lost on your wall.

Just imagine your favorite or most important photo. Picture in your mind how good it would look on that perfect spot on your wall. If there was a way to make it look more important, you would, right?

If you agree, the 2″ thickness is the way to go.